Refund Policy

We have an easy refund policy for both incident based plans and subscription based plans. In case of a subscription based plan, the customer can ask for a full secure in the event that Unicorn Systems USA was not able to resolve any single issue within the first 15 days of the subscription. If Unicorn Systems USA was able to resolve either one or more of your issues, the fees will no longer be refundable. Apart from this, Unicorn Systems USA can accept or reject any claim for secure based on the particular case. Unicorn Systems USA can also accept to provide a partial secure after deducting the necessary service charges.

In the case of incident based plans, refunds can be availed under the following circumstances:

  • The customer had all the prerequisites that were necessary to resolve the problem and yet Unicorn Systems USA couldn’t solve the problem when the account was active.
  • The claim for secure should be made within 15 days that a Unicorn Systems USA technician works on the same issue.
  • If the issue is out of scope for that particular plan, the customer can claim a secure.